End of the Beta Program and beginning

of the restructuring of the Yucreat concept.

It has been the crazy year 2021, with Covid-19, the Launch of a coin, then the BEP20 token, an Airdrop, the launch of the Beta platform, and some major restructuring in the founder's group due to some different thinking convergences.


Thanks for your support and suggestions. Yucreat will refresh its concepts according to your requests. Rome was not built in a day, and Yucreat is not absent from this logic. From what we gathered as information, you thought Yucreat was too complicated. Not yet supported on mobile and is hard to understand as a whole.


Stay tuned as we get back with a more user-friendly version of Yucreat and some new ideas by 2023-2024.
We wish to thank all the participants in the Beta group for their support, assistance, and suggestions.
Yucreat is a strong society changing idea that will need refining and plenty of work to get it past the concept and make it mainstream. If you feel like supporting the idea, reach out to the founder's team: founders@yucreat.org and let yourself know.